Things to do next year

I’ve been thinking about what some of my goals for 2018 are going to be, so far this is what I’ve come up with:

  • Make a peanut butter flavored ice cream
  • Make a key lime flavored ice cream
  • Make a rice krispy treat flavored ice cream
  • Make a beer using some chili peppers that I’ve grown
  • Make a craft hot sauces
  • Grow peppers from bought seeds
  • Grow peppers from seeds from one of my plants
  • Grow a mango tree from seed
  • Grow quenepa from seed
  • Cross breed peppers
  • Lean more about the power of Adobe InDesign
  • Use my smoker more
  • Eat less meat and more veggies
  • Go see BLACK PANTHER movie

These are just a few of the things I’ve been thinking about, I’m sure I’m not going to do them all and I’m sure I’ll fail at a few, but hopefully I’ll at least get an opportunity to at least try.

What new things are you hoping to try in the coming months?


Rickey Enyeto Elliot

Rickey Enyeto Elliot
Rickey Enyeto Elliot SF

Name: Rickey Enyeto Elliot

Nickname(s): The Amoeba, Pretty Rickey, Tree, Green Eyed Bandit, Ree Ree

Height: 6′ 7″/2.01m Weight: 235lbs/107kg Wingspan: 7′ 1″/2.2m

Eyes: Green, Hair: Brown, Style: Short fade taper 2

Position: SF able to guard 1-4

Uniform Number: 9

Hometown:  Tidmore Bend, Alabama,  Birthdate: 01/14

College: Bethune-Cookman

Specialty: Lockdown Defender

Pepper Powder! 

I made some hot sauce with peppers grown in my garden.

After cooking the peppers along with other ingredients, I pressed it through a fine mash sieve

I then took that mash and dehydrated it in a toster oven since it was such a small batch. 

Pepper Powder
Pepper Powder

After a few hours at about 175 – 200 degrees the mash was dried out and I ground it into a powder.

As the mash was drying It was very fragrant! 

Pepper Powder
Pepper Powder

Completed Mango Vinegar 

Completed Mango Vinegar

It’s done! Now to find uses! 
It was odd, first it smelled like vinegar, then it smelled like mango and now it smells like mango vinegar. One day I may try and make my own vinegar and not just leech the flavor like this one. Also I may see if I can do this with oranges as well? 

Anyway, this didn’t cost me much except in the way of time. Free mangos, reused bottle, had to pay for the white distilled vinegar that’s about it… I even got a slight (very slight) workout in by walking, carrying the bottle around and the occasional stirring! 

Thanks for reading. 


All the plants I was propagating died (Most due to severe heat) 2 because they got blown over and were out of water too long.

Still haven’t gotten any seeds to grow.

My mango vinegar is still brewing and should be ready around Labor Day . Hopefully my bad luck won’t affect it!